Do I need different cloth nappies in the day to at night?

At Green Cheeks we now have two systems.

Our tandem nappy is great to use during the day, supplied with a choice of one or two of our fantastic triple layer hemp blend inserts. These are a great, slim, easy to use option for daytime. We'd recommend changing every 2-4 hours, and immediately if baby has pooped. 

The all-in-two system is ideally suited for especially heavy wetting children and over night, with 8 layers of hemp blend absorbency, and still room to boost if needed - adding another triple layer insert will take that up to 11 layers! This is obviously a thicker nappy that the tandem, as there is so much extra fabric, but check baby Elijah below, he's wearing 8 layers - and it's still slim! This nappy can last 12 hours, we'd recommend adding a stay dry liner and changing as soon as baby wakes or immediately is pooped in during the night. 


Baby Elijah in Green Cheeks all in two night time nappy cloth

Every baby is different of course, and the times given here are just a guide. For optimum performance from your nappies, pre-washing 8-10 times is recommended.

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