Should I stop using cloth nappies in hot weather?

Should I stop using cloth nappies in hot weather?

Summer Days and Fluffy Bottoms


Let's have a think... 

Disposable nappies contain a lot of plastic, whereas cloth nappies are mostly natural materials and much more breathable

Disposable nappies contain a lot of paper and chemicals, whereas cloth nappies have none of that stuff. 

Just to be crude, and just for the girls.... you know when you have your period... and you wear a sanitary towel... in the summer.... how hot and cross does your undercarriage get? Now imagine that they're pants. Wouldn't you rather be wearing nice cool cotton pants? I sure would. 

Green Cheeks cloth nappies are made using a combination of natural hemp and organic cotton - plus a stay-dry microfleece lining which wicks the moisture away from baby’s skin.   This is much softer on a baby’s bottom than paper and most mums say their babies get less nappy rash using cloth nappies than with disposables.

To keep the wetness in the nappy there is an outer cover of breathable waterproof fabric (TPU)–  a clever material that lets air and water vapour pass through but not liquid.  This allows for some evaporation which has a cooling effect in hot weather and is more comfortable than the plastic used in disposables.  

Interesting boy baby facts. As cloth nappies are cooler than disposables may prove to be especially significant for little boys. The high temperatures reached inside a disposable nappy (up to 1oC higher than normal body temperature) could be damaging to the development of the testes and so may affect future sperm production and fertility.  There was a lot of press and noise about that around 15 years ago - it's not one that you hear a lot about these days. 

So, do you need to switch to disposables in the summer? Absolutely not! 

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