Which cloth nappies should I use overnight?

So you've cracked cloth nappies by day - what about overnight?

So if you have a very little baby who is pooping all of the time, and you're changing through the night, then you can pretty well use the same system as you're using by day

If you're baby is a little bit older, and they're sleeping through the night (lucky you) you're going to need something a lot more hardcore. 

The standard all-in-one or pocket nappy probably isn't going to cut it, there are exceptions of course. 

Overnight, you will need lots of layers of absorbency and a really good cover to keep everything contained and stop leaks. Our all-in-two system is a great option for this. With 8 layers of hemp blend for amazing absorbency, and a easy to use wrap featuring waterproof wicking prevention panels back and front plus a external double gusset - this system offers superb dryness overnight and for heavy wetters. The only thing you may want to consider adding is a liner, either fleece or a disposable version (currently not available from Green Cheeks)

Each baby is different of course - our Green Cheeks Mums have tested these on their little ones with overnight success. 

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