Natural Fibre Cloth Nappies & How To Use Them

Hooray - your brand new nappies have arrived... but stop, wait just a minute, before you head straight for your babies bottoms.. check out these few quick tips!
Hemp Cotton Cloth Nappies Care & Pre-Wash Instructions
That's right, the inserts supplied with Green Cheeks Cloth Nappies are all made from natural fibres, the pros far outweigh the cons.
  • Hemp is a fast growing, natural crop requiring no pesticides to thrive
  • Does not release any microplastics
  • Will decompose if composted
  • One of the most absorbent fabrics around


  • It can lose shape when washing - you can stretch it back out by hand when wet
  • It does take some time to build up it's absorbency powers, it's water resistant when brand new - you don't have to pre-wash 10 times before using, but please be mindful to change more often 

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