Cloth Nappies - What about the poo?

How well does a cloth nappy keep the big brown business inside?

In contrast to most disposable nappies, cloth nappies have soft and snuggly cuffs on the legs and the most important thing: on the back. These barriers on the left, right and above also keep liquid or particularly soft stool inside very well, so that your baby's clothes stay clean. There's little to no poonami's in cloth!


How do I remove the big brown deal from a cloth nappy?

Let me introduce you to three practical ways in which you can remove a poo from a cloth nappy:

  • Nappy fleece: This fleece is usually made of viscose and is placed inside the nappy. With a little practice when putting on, most of the poop ends up on the fleece, which can then be shaken into the toilet. These can be washed and re-used. Although there are also disposable versions. 
  • Shower head: A shower head with a high water pressure that reaches to the toilet is a brilliant way to quickly remove a lot of poop from a cloth nappy. There are also attachments for the toilet available so that you can shower the nappy directly over the toilet.
  • Poo Knife: I kid you not, if neither of the above methods work for you, take your least favourite kitchen knife, and designate it to forever be the poo knife. Keep it by the toilet and use it to scrape off the solids. 

What about newborns and young babies?

Well, you'll be pleased to hear that pre-weaning - you don't need to any of that lot above. Milk poo is totally water soluble, so you can just stick the whole thing in the wash, poo and all!

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