More about how Green Cheeks are made

More about how Green Cheeks are made


So, as you may know by now, I am a Mum myself, my son Harrison was born in August of 2018. I’ve designed this range based on my own experience as a full-time cloth bum Mum!

What's the process?

Before my product comes to market, I will have been working on it behind the scenes for months and months. Prototypes are made, tests are done by me at home on my family, although it's more my team of reps that do the testing these days as we're potty trained now (in addition to the factory tests), more prototypes are made based on my findings and alterations. And eventually, once I’m 100% satisfied with the product, I'm happy to advertise to you, my new Mum friends, I may ask some of your to help with the testing towards the end of this process. The stock comes to me at home, this is very much a work from home enterprise – at least for now. Who knows where this might take me, the sky’s the limit, or so they say! 


Are they safe?

All of the products are tested to ensure they do not pose a fire risk and do not contain any nasty chemicals. I wouldn’t bring anything to market that I wouldn’t happily use on myself or my family.  

The fastenings are tested by SGS to ensure their secure attachment passes CEN/TR16792 - this certificate ensures the safety of children's clothing.

SGS tested for flammability and do not ignite.

Also, tests have been passed for chemical traces, passing for lead content and other chemicals.

Gold stars and top marks all around - nothing nasty going on here! 


Where is it made?

I’m not making these nappies, I have no such talent, I’m working with a great factory overseas in China. The factory has ethical practices, which means premises are clean and well maintained. and the staff are treated fairly and paid well for their service. They are doing a great job and I’m so happy with the products we are creating together.

The factory has recently been audited by amfori this is a service which checks workplaces, businesses and organisations operations looking for ways in which they are ethical, transparent and sustainable. And suggests ways to improve. 


Who are we?

Green Cheeks is very much a family, work from home (WAHM) affair.
There's me, Lianne - the "nappy witch" as my other half calls me, I used cloth nappies on Harrison from when he was around 5 weeks old, with varying levels of success. I tried so many different brands any styles of nappy, my downfall was always choosing them by how much I liked the pattern, rather than how good they were - which is one of the reasons why I've created this range - why can't we have both?

Then there's Lee - recruitment consultant by day, picker packer by night. So, if you ever end up with something missing, let me know, and I'll be sure to give him a hard time.

And then little Harrison, my part-time model, and chief of posting envelopes into the giant red box!


Is your business safe?

I'm fully insured with product and public liability cover. My overheads are virtually zero and i'm in the spare bedroom. All stock is owned by Green Cheeks.  

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