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A blue haired Mum and son having fun a festival


This is Green Cheeks!
I'm a Mum from Nottingham, and my little store is totally inspired by the love of my life - Harrison.

What started as a range of cloth nappies, was inspired by our own quest to be a green parent. We're adding more, and more to a fun range of everything we parents might need, consciously created in small quantities or from trusted partner brands.

  • Jill

    Highly recommend. Bought a change bag and breast pads. Baby hasn't arrived yet but have been using the change bag when out and about with the other kids, its great and the design is vibrant and beautiful, I'm so glad to have a non-grey option!

  • Repeat Customer

    Love Green Cheeks - this was a repeat order for the phenomenal wet bags! I use them for everything, all the time.

  • Hayley

    I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and was gifted the breast pads and wash bag by a friend. They've been really handy as we ended up needing to stay in hospital for a week!

    I also purchased some other bamboo breast pads and the difference is very clear, green cheeks keep their shape in the bra and and comfortable to wear, also easy to manoeuvre and reinsert during the one handed breastfeeding juggle.

    I'm placing an order for another pack of these ❤️ great product

  • Rachel

    Lovely quality products with great customer service. I ordered 4 nappies from Green Cheeks as they are one of the few companies I can find that do Velcro fastening pocket nappies ( a must for grandparents!) and they have not disappointed.

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