What's the difference between 4 layer & 3 layer hemp booster inserts?

So, what's the difference? 

The answer is - one extra layer of fabric! Simple are that.

At Green Cheeks, all of our inserts and boosters are 55% hemp 45% organic cotton.

 Hemp Green Cheeks Booster

They are all 140mm x 350mm approximately. 

The thickness for a 4 layer is marginally bigger, but as you'll see from my photographs attempting to measure them below, there really isn't much in it.

Green Cheeks Hemp Inserts  

And they are so slim - 3mm and 4mm respectively. 

Green Cheeks Slim Absorbent Hemp Boosters


Hemp is supplied as standard with all of our nappies - to buy your hemp without a nappy - click here!



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