How did Green Cheeks begin?

How did Green Cheeks begin?

I always knew I wanted to use cloth nappies, I always knew I would source most of my babies clothes and toys second hand, I always knew I'd want him to love nature and the world he lives in.

But I had absolutely no idea how they work, I did zero research, and instead opted to make a couple of late pregnancy insomnia fuelled impulse purchases. My cloth nappy journey had begun!
Little did I know the extent of the minefield I had entered, I tried so many different brands and styles, and so many are frankly rubbish.

They're either beautiful and easy to use, but hardly hold a drop.
Or, insanely expensive and as rare as rocking horse poop (and still not very absorbent)
Or, they're ugly and clumsy
Or, too bulky and ill fitting.

After a few false starts and discovering that there are many helpful Mums that live in my phone that knew a lot more about it that me, we successfully used cloth nappies from 2 months old, right up until he potty trained (which we smashed in lockdown 2020)
But, to make it work, I was forever inventing different combinations of inserts and cover, adding extra pads to so called "all-in-ones", and getting hooked on the addictive quest for the cutest patterns.

So, I decided to design nappies that just work, that don't need extra bits. That you don't need a degree in origami to get on your wriggling little squid. Nappies that Dads, and Grandparents and nursery can put on, just like a disposable.

So back in June 2020, the ideas behind Green Cheeks Limited started to spin around in my head. And here we are in October 2020, we're going on sale.

Thanks so much for supporting a Mum, a Mum striving to make a living that allows her to spend more time with her most precious creation, Harrison, and less time sitting in traffic, working away from home.

I've more designs and ideas to come, watch this space!
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