Do not fear, help is here! – Green Cheeks Cloth Nappies


Do not fear, help is here!

  • Cloth Nappies - What about the poo?

    How well does a cloth nappy keep the big brown business inside? In contrast to most disposable nappies, cloth nappies have soft and snuggly cuffs ...
  • When is PUL not PUL? When it's TPU!

    So, what's she talking about? PUL is the term commonly used to describe the fabric that creates the plastic waterproof layer of cloth nappies.  PU...
  • The In's and Out's of a Green Cheeks Cloth Nappy

    So, what is a Green Cheeks cloth nappy?


    A picture paints a thousand words.... so have 4!

  • Can I use cloth nappies overnight?

    So you've cracked cloth nappies by day - what about overnight? So if you have a very little baby who is pooping all of the time, and you're changin...
  • A guide to washing your cloth nappies

    For best results chuck the whole lot in the machine, put a small dose of powder in the drawer and do a quick wash on cold. This will rinse the wee out of the nappies. if you haven't pulled your inserts out yet, now is probably a good time to do it. 

    Once that’s finished, put a full dose of powder for a heavily soiled load into the drawer, read the instructions on your detergent, you’ll be surprised just how much you are supposed to use. Wash at 40 degrees on your longest wash. If you have any options for extra water – press it. You want to make sure there are no suds left once you’ve finished, this may occassionally mean there's a need for an extra cold rinse at the end.

  • What is a pocket nappy? Video tour.

  • How to fit a pocket nappy video - featuring my 2 year old - Harrison

    A short video demonstration on fitting a cloth nappy
  • Stuffing pocket nappies and folding hacks

    What is an insert?
    How many inserts do I need?
    How can I get the best performance from my inserts? 
    What is boosting?
  • How to stuff pocket nappies

    You're off! You've got the "pocket" and you've got a load of rectangular fabric "inserts" .... now what? I did try to film a video for this, but do...
  • Getting Started with Cloth Nappies

    How many nappies do I need?

    Well, if you’re going to have one baby in cloth full time, you will probably need around 24 nappies. This is based on getting through six a day, washing every other day, and allowing for drying time. How often you change will depend on your child, their age and how many Fruit Shoots they just drank. It will all make a difference. 

  • How did Green Cheeks begin?

    So, I decided to design nappies that just work, that don't need extra bits. That you don't need a degree in origami to get on your wriggling little squid. Nappies that Dads, and Grandparents and nursery can put on, just like a disposable.

    So back in June 2020, the ideas behind Green Cheeks Limited started to spin around in my head. And here we are in October 2020, we're going on sale.

    Thanks so much for supporting a Mum, a Mum striving to make a living that allows her to spend more time with her most precious creation, Harrison, and less time sitting in traffic, working away from home.
  • More about how Green Cheeks are made

    Green Cheeks is very much a family, work from home (WAHM) affair.
    There's me, Lianne - the "nappy witch" as my other half calls me, I used cloth nappies on Harrison from when he was around 5 weeks old, with varying levels of success. I tried so many different brands any styles of nappy, my downfall was always choosing them by how much I liked the pattern, rather than how good they were - which is one of the reasons why I've created this range - why can't we have both?