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Who are Green Cheeks?

Hi, hello, how are you doing?

Green Cheeks is me, Lianne, just me! It is owned and operated from my spare room in north Nottingham, inspired by my own hit and miss cloth nappy journey with my son Harrison. I launched in November 2020, and we went off with a bang! 

What are we all about?

Very simply beautiful, absorbent, affordable cloth nappies.

Many of the prints are designed by UK artists, we use a blend of hemp and organic cotton in all of the nappies for amazing absorbency (and a super slim fit) and they start under £10.00! 

Reusable nappies shouldn't be complicated or bank breaking - it should present a HUGE saving against the thousands of disposable nappies you'd otherwise throw away. So, we'll always keep our prices low - but the quality is far from cheap. 

🌱 hemp as standard
🌱 a choice of fastening - hook & loop or poppers
🌱 generous birth to potty sizes
🌱 super soft
🌱 easy to use
🌱 chemical free
🌱 plus accessories, matching clothing, wipes and more

Can I help you switch?

Everything I know about cloth nappies has been learned from experience, on the job. Three years ago I didn't have the faintest idea, and now i've tried so many styles. If you're having problems with existing nappies, or would like bespoke friendly advice on where to start - do just ask, I'm just a Mum, sitting in her dressing gown, at the computer.