Can I use cloth nappies overnight? – Green Cheeks Cloth Nappies


Can I use cloth nappies overnight?

So you've cracked cloth nappies by day - what about overnight?

So if you have a very little baby who is pooping all of the time, and you're changing through the night, then you can pretty well use the same system as you're using by day

If you're baby is a little bit older, and they're sleeping through the night (lucky you) you're going to need something a lot more hardcore. 

The standard all-in-one or pocket nappy probably isn't going to cut it, there are exceptions of course. 

You'll need to look for a 2-part system, typically this is a terry type fabric nappy which you boost and cover with a waterproof outer layer. You can use Green Cheeks pocket nappies for the waterproof layer, We don't currently offer a night nappy, but hope to in the future